How to Replace a Euro Cylinder

Replacing a Euro Cylinder

These cylinders generally come in 3 types as shown below: Key/Key, Key/Thumb Turn and Half Cylinder. Other specialist options are available such as Key/Blank and Thumb Turn both ends. The style of thumb turn varies from different manufacturers.

Various finishes are available such as Nickel, Brass and even Black to suit Black Antique Door Furniture.

To order a replacement cylinder it's best to remove it from the door to measure it. This can be done by removing the retaining screw as shown in the picture.

Remove the screw, insert the key into the lock or use the thumb-turn to turn the lock slightly left or right to align the cam. Once the cam is aligned the cylinder can be removed. Refitting is the reverse.

If the key is lost and the cylinder is of the key/key type it cannot be removed and will have to be removed by a locksmith.

To order a cylinder the finish and two measurements are required, these are shown as "A" and "B" in the diagram. Not all cylinders are symmetrical and these dimensions may be different. If the two dimensions are different and a thumb-turn is fitted you must state which end it's on.