Bathroom Door Handles

Bathroom Door Handles

Bathroom door handles are crucial to ensuring optimum privacy. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have to look great and add something special to your decor too! Bathroom door handles are available in a choice of styles, finishes and designs to offer something to suit modern and traditional styles of decor alike.

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Bathroom Lever Door Handles on a Backplate

A range of bathroom door handles on a backplate are available from Handles4U supplied with matching thumbturns. The simple addition of a suitable bathroom lock allows for privacy locking from within the bathroom. This style of bathroom door handle is available in a choice of finishes such as polished chrome, antique brass, bronze and matt black too.

Sets of Bathroom Lever Door Handles on a Rose

For a classic touch, why not consider bathroom door handles on a rose? When you shop online with Handles4U, you can find a selection of bathroom door handle sets that contain handles, thumb turns, locks and latches. The range of handy bathroom door handle sets are available on round and square roses in a choice of finishes including chrome and brass.

Thumb Turns

Picked out your bathroom door handles already? Seal the deal with matching thumb turns! Thumb turns are available in a range of styles and shapes to suit modern and traditional styles of interior decor. The range comes in finishes such as matt black, brass, bronze, copper, and silver in round, oval and square formats.

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bathroom Furnishings

If you’re replacing your bathroom door handles to refresh your bathrooms, why not add some new bathroom furnishings to the mix? Handles4U offer a range of robe hooks, shelving, sink accessories, toilet accessories and towel furniture designed to complement their handles.

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