Our Range of Pewter Door Handles

Pewter door handles have naturally beautiful properties that are ornamental in nature and so add something special to modern and traditional interiors. Pewter door handles perfectly complement a range of surfaces and materials, including (but not limited to!) wood, glass and stone.
Pewter has a naturally mottled appearance that lends itself to aged, classic and modern styles. Pewter door handles can add a fabulous finishing touch to just about any style of interior decor. The natural effect of the material gives pewter door handles a finish that has to be seen to be believed.

Pewter door handles are available as pewter lever door handles on a backplate, pewter lever door handles on a rose, and pewter pull door handles. 

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More Information About our Door Handles

Lever Door Handles

We offer an extensive selection of lever door handles that cater to a diverse array of styles, tastes and preferences, making them a popular choice for both modern and traditional settings. Our collection includes Lever Door Handles on a Backplate, Lever Door Handles on a Round Rose, or Lever Door Handles on a Square Rose, ensuring you find the perfect lever handle to meet your requirements. These handles come in a range of finishes that can complement just about any style of decor.

Pull Door Handles

Our collection includes a variety of door pull handles, from Flush Pull Door Handles, to Bolt Through Pull Door Handles and Face Fixed Pull Door Handles, all available in a variety of finishes. Ideal for elevating any decor, these handles blend elegance with functionality, perfect for modern and classic styles alike.