Cabinet Furniture

Give your cabinets and cupboards a completely custom look with our cabinet handles and cabinet knobs in a huge range of shapes and finishes, and then top it all off with our cabinet hinges and catches.

Cabinets, cupboards and drawers can be found in many homes and places of work. Barring some exceptionally modern furniture designs, these will require handles or knobs to function. At Handles4U, our cabinet handles are available in a wide variety of both shapes and finishes, allowing you to completely customise the appearance of your cabinets. Whether you're after a classic round knob with an antique style or a shiny new D-shaped stainless steel handle, you'll be sure to find it here.

Once you've decided on the handle, complete your cabinet's look with the right cabinet hinges and cabinet catches from leading manufacturers like Hafele, Hettich and Carlisle Brass. If you're purchasing handles for your drawers, we also supply drawer runners to ensure your drawers move smoothly. These drawer runners also come in handy if you decide to buy our pull out units, which can be added to any cabinet for extra organisation of the cabinet's contents.


Cabinet Handles

Handles4U are proud to offer a wide range of cabinet handles to suit just about all requirements, including cabinet cup pulls, bow cabinet handles, cabinet d-bar pulls and more. Our range includes brass, silver and black cabinet cup pulls, black, copper and silver bow cabinet handles, and so much more.

Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs can be the perfect finishing touch to a wide range of projects within your home or business. Handles4U offer a wide range of cabinet knobs including round cabinet knobs, ball cabinet knobs, mushroom cabinet knobs and more.

Cabinet Pull Out Units

If you need to maximise space in your home, cabinet pull out units can help you better utilise your storage space. Our range of cabinet pull out units includes a range of pull out baskets and bins.

Need something extra? You might also like our range of cabinet catches, cabinet hinges, cabinet drawer runners, and bookcase strips.