The Art Deco Home

Art Deco

Art Deco is an interior design concept that promotes the use of simple bold shapes, patterns and colours. Art Deco is distingtive, its angular styling complementing both homes of this period as well as modern homes. Art Deco was at the height of it’s popularity from just before the start of the First World War right through to the end of the Second World War in 1945, however it is making a strong come back in homes as well as commercial spaces including hotels. 

We stock a vast range of Art Deco door handles, door knobs, pull handles & accessories for use on exterior doors, kitchens, interior doors and bathrooms. 

Key elements of Art Deco Design

- Geometric patterns. These are such a key element of the Art Deco design and include zig zags and chevrons. They are included in almost every design that is based on Art Deco and where inspired by the technology industry and growing amount of sky scrapers at that time. These patterns can be used in wallpaper, tiles, mirrors or artwork.

- Art Deco was inspired by the travels of designers in the 20’s before the Great Depression. People that had money travelled to Asia, Africa and Europe gaining pattern and design ideas. You can carry this through to your home in the form of prints, fabrics and upholstery. In the bathroom why not use some accent towels in a bold design.

-Black and white is fundamental to the minimalist palette of Art Deco, with bright colours being used in moderation. The use of the metals also adds a touch of glamour and this would be in the form of your hardware. For the use of black and white, think walls and floor coverings. Black, white and gold can be especially glamorous.

- Mirrors and metallic. Mirrors are an absolute must within Art Deco design and can be used for functionality as well as design. You can also add in metallic in the form of your hardware of accessories.

- Glass and chrome lighting – A favourite aspect of the Art Deco design is the lighting. These materials where relatively new at the time Art Deco was born, so where real show stoppers. You can also tie in the geometric design in the form of lighting or keep is simple and stream lined. Why not use chrome light switches to add to this design.

- Large scale furniture. The furniture used in the Art Deco design are bold and large items, making features out of functionality. These could be neutral or pops of colour to enhance your design. In the kitchen think bold dining chairs or statement sofas.