Cabinet Cup Pulls

Cabinet cup handles are a great choice for a variety of homes. Cup pulls can be used on cabinets and drawers alike, and are available in a wide range of finishes such as silver, brass, black, bronze and copper. Here at Handles4U, we offer a wide array of cabinet cup pulls available in various stylesand sizes to improve the appearance of cupboards and drawers in both traditional or modern interiors.

Our broad range includes traditional finishes such as antique or polished brass and pewter as well as more modern finishes such as polished or satin chrome.


Cabinet cup pulls are available in a variety of finishes and styles. This type of cabinet pull handle is available from a range of market-leading manufacturers and in a range of designs such as aged, classic and modern. Handles4U are proud to offer a huge range of cabinet cup pulls with something to suit just about any preference or style of decor.

Silver Cabinet Cup Pull Handles

Silver cabinet cup handles are available in a range of finishes and can be a cool, classic finishing touch or bold, modern design choice. Handles4U offer a range of silver cabinet cup handles from manufacturers such as From the Anvil, Hafele, Heritage Brass and Finesse. Popular silver cabinet cup handle finishes include aged silver, pewter and polished silver, and are available with a range of fixing options.

Brass Cabinet Cup Pulls

Handles4U offer a wide array of brass cabinet cup pulls in a choice of styles, sizes and finishes. All of our brass cabinet cup pulls are designed to help improve the appearance of cabinets or drawers in traditional or modern interiors alike. The broad range available from Handles4U includes handles from From the Anvil, Hafele and Heritage Brass, in a choice of finishes such as antique, polished or satin brasses.

Black Cabinet Cup Handles

If you're looking for a modern design choice, why not opt for a bold and beautiful cup handle with one of the black cabinet cup pulls available online from Handles4U? These black cabinet cup pulls are available in a range of finishes in a choice of classic, contemporary, minimalist, modern and traditional styles, including popular products from Fingertip Design, Hafele and Zoo Hardware.

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