Satin Nickel Door Handles

Satin Nickel Door Handles

Satin nickel door handles are a great addition to a wide range of styles of interior décor. This decorative finish looks right at home in both traditional and contemporary homes. Handles4U are proud to offer a wide range of door handles in satin nickel, including door handles on a backplate and on a rose, with variations available with bathroom and keyhole locks.

Satin Nickel Door Handles on a Backplate

Satin nickel lever door handles on a backplate offer a decorative take on a traditional, functional product. By opting for a satin nickel door handle on a backplate from a market-leading brand such as Serozzetta, you can be sure that you are opting for a product that is functional, decorative, and great quality.

Satin Nickel Privacy Door Levers

Privacy, or bathroom locks, are the ideal option if a certain degree of privacy is required, but a room still needs to be accessible in the case of an emergency. Satin nickel privacy door levers have a thumb turn on one side, and a coin turn on the other, to allow the door to be opened from the outside in an emergency.