Black Decor in the Home

Black Home Decor

Black home decor is very much in fashion. It gives a striking and dramatic finishing touch to any style of interior decor that works perfectly in conjunction with modern and traditional interiors. The entire room doesnít need to be black - but a few touches here and there such as black door handles, black cabinet handles, black sockets or black lights can tie a room together brilliantly.

Black Door Handles

When planning a roomís decor, door handles arenít always the first thing that crosses the mind. But they should be an important consideration! Black door handles look crisp and clean against a white backdrop that is modern and fresh. The range available from Handles4U includes antique, contemporary, modern and traditional options to suit any decor.

Black Cabinet Handles

Kitchen cupboards, living room sideboards and bathroom cabinets donít need to be left out. Cabinet handles are available in a range of styles to help you carry the theme on such as black cabinet cup pulls, D-shape black cabinet handles and black bow cabinet handles.