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Stainless Steel Grades

Stainless steel products are becoming more and more popular, due to the longevity of the finish and the durability of the material enables the it to performance at high standards for a longer period of time then other used materials.

Stainless steel is available in different quality of grades. The top being 316, which is a typical grade you would expect to find being used in the marine industry, down to the anti rusting and anti corrosion properties which keep it performing under the harshest conditions. 304 is the next grade down from 316. This is still a high performance grade, but lacks the longevity of 316, and hence why it will cost less to buy and will have a lower manufacturers guarantee.

Identifying the Right Handle

Door handles come in a range of different styles to suit your every need, so identifying what type you need is always tricky.

Latch handles are the easiest to identify. These are usually found on internal doors where there is no need for locking. They are available on a rose or on a backplate, as a lever or a knob, and require a mortice latch to operate.

Lock Handles are usually used where a door is required to be locked, but with the flexibility of being able to use it as a normal functioning latch door. They are available on a backplate, with either a lever or knob to operate. This can be suitable for internal or external doors, and requires a mortice lever sashlock to acquire the full functionality of the handles. The handles available are for UK standard sashlocks, if anything else is required please enquire.

Euro-Lock Handles are used in a similar way to Lock Handles, but with the used of a different type of lock. The type of lock required is a Euro Cylinder Sash Lock and operates with a Euro Cylinder barrel via use of a thumb turn attachment or a key. Euro lock handles are available is different sizes, for different uses. Any Euro Lock Handles stating 47.5mm centres are for UK standard Euro Sashlocks, usually internal doors. Any Euro Lock handles stating over 47.5mm (e.g. 92mm Centres) are to be used with Multipoint Locks, usually for external doors, where the handles are usually unsprung and can be lifted upward for upward locking.