The Copper Home

Why Copper is Trending

Copper is fast becoming a huge trend in the industry. Despite their tough and industrial exterior, copper will bring a warmth into your home as well as creating a feature out of the ordinary door handle, cabinet pull or light switch.

Copper works perfectly in both modern and traditional homes, in bathrooms, kitchen and utility rooms. We also have a range of products that can complement the use of copper in these rooms, in the form of door handles, locks and hinges. 

This stunning metal is built to last and the products we stock are of the highest quality to create the look you are after. 

Using Copper in Your Home

Copper is supposed to stand out and be a statement, so when applying copper to your home, try to keep it on a neutral hues so that it is not competing with bold patterns or radical colours. The material should stand out and draw the eye, making the simplest of rooms look spectacular.

Which product is for you?

Dependent on your project, we have a variety of products to suit your requirements. These include door pulls, door knobs, cup pulls and door handles. We have various shapes and sizes in each of our copper product categories, as well as different finishes including brushed, satin and antique.

Why not also add copper decorative items to the room to tie the look together, for example utensil holders, photo frames or light fittings?

Copper Door Handles

To compliment the use of copper in your kitchen or bathroom, why not also update your interior door handles? Handles4U offer a huge range of copper door handles in a range of styles including modern, traditional and urban styles. The range includes copper lever door handles on a square rose, and copper lever door handles on a round rose.

Copper Door Knobs

If you'd rather a copper door knob, don't despair! The range available at Handles4U includes copper door knobs in a range of styles in antique and satin copper finishes.

Copper Drawer Knobs

Carry the copper theme on within your kitchen with copper drawer knobs. The range of copper drawer knobs is vast, and includes a range of styles and finishes, from market-leading brands such as Hafele and Heritage Brass. You can choose from a huge range of round copper drawer knobs, copper ball cabinet knobs and mushroom copper drawer knobs.

Copper Cabinet Handles

Copper cabinet handles are a great way to bring the warming touch of copper into your home. Handles4U offer a huge range of brushed, satin, polished and antique copper cabinet handles. You can choose from copper cabinet cup pulls, copper bow cabinet handles, copper cabinet d-bar pulls, copper cabinet t-bar pulls and copper d-shape cabinet handles.