The Fingertip Design Knurled Range

Knurled cabinet knobs and T-Bar pulls have a delicate, ridged texture. This style features criss-crossed diagonal lines that create the popular knurled feel and appearance. Handles4U offers a wide variety of knurled cabinet knobs in the FTD703 range and knurled T-Bar pulls in the FTD700 range in a range of finishes including brass, bronze and chrome.
These knurled ranges by Fingertip Design are an increasingly popular way to add a little bit of style to homes. This style is not only functional, but ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing too. 

These product ranges are available from the market-leading and reputable brand Fingertip Design, who specialise in a range of cabinet hardware developed by market-leading manufacturers Carlisle Brass. Handles4U are proud to offer the wide range of Fingertip Design cabinet, cupboard and drawer furniture, which includes a range of styles to suit just about any application or home.

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