Bathroom Locking Options

Types of Bathroom Lock

The market today offers a multitude of types of bathroom lock. Regardless of the type that you choose, all bathroom locks are designed, first and foremost, for privacy. These lock options all offer the ability to open the door from the outside in an emergency situation, often with a coin turn.

Standard Bathroom Lock

Standard bathroom locks are the most common type. If you choose or have a bathroom lock as shown below, this can be used with either a lever handle on backplate or a lever handle on a rose with a separate thumb-turn. Both options offer access from the outside in the case of an emergency.

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Privacy Latch

If you have a latch in your bathroom door then you will need a "privacy" handle. There is not a great choice of privacy handles on the market as the above Bathroom Lock system is preferred. The handle may look similar, but the actual locking is done in the handle itself without the need for a bathroom lock.

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Horizontal Bathroom Lock

Horizontal bathroom locks are generally found in period properties and are always used with door knobs. If you require door knobs then this is the lock to use as it gives sufficient clearance to the hand when opening the door.

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Latch and Bolt

If you want a larger gap between your handle and thumb turn, then you can use a latch for the handle and a bolt for the thumb-turn. Having them spaced more than a typical bathroom lock can be more aesthetically pleasing.

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