How to Fit Levers on Rose

Fitting a Lever Door Handle on a Rose

Lever door handles on a rose are often an aesthetically pleasing option, as they do not require a sometimes bulky backplate. By following these simple steps, many modern lever door handles on a rose can be easily installed.

Fitting Instructions for Round Rose Lever Furniture

Handles can be bolted either vertically or horizontally with the fixings supplied. It is necessary to use locks and latches with a bolt through facility for horizontal fixings.

Remove outer rose and slide carefully off, ensuring not to damage the lever finish in the process to view fixing holes.

Locate spindle in one lever ensuring, if applicable that the spindle groove is aligned with the grub screw hole in the lever shank. Once lever is suitably aligned secure it in place with the grub screw provided, ensure there is sufficient spindle projection so it can be located in the other handle.

Insert spindle through lock/latch follower ensuring that lever is correct way up in respect of design and spring action, so that the inner rose is flat against the face of the door.

Insert male bolts through inner rose so they locate cleanly with female bolt from the other side. Tighten bolts ensuring threads do not cross. Replace the roses.