Identifying the Right Latch Size

Identifying the Correct Latch Size

I've had the conversation many a time with customers and clients alike, whether it be trade or retail. 'What type and size of latch do I require for our handles/knobs?'

The question can be answered in multiple terms, due to the difference between new doors, old doors, handles and knobs. Many options, many outcomes.

Let's start with the doors first. If you are fitting new doors, choosing a latch is a lot simpler, as it doesn't matter how big the latch needs to be, due to not replacing an older version. Simply it's all for decorative purposes on new doors. The longer the latch the further the door handles will be across the door (when viewing door from the front).

When it's replacing a latch on a existing door this can get complicated. We recommend that you or your builder take out the existing latch and take all measurements down and any brand name etched on the face of the latch, as this helps identify a straight replacement latch for the old one.

Now on to the door furniture. Door handles are by far the easiest to fix or replace, but again a lot of door handles these days are supplied with bolt through fixings that require a latch that will take bolt through fixings. Not all latches have this option, so be careful when choosing.

The complication between handles and knobs comes down to the projection (how far the furniture will project when fitted to the proposed fitted surface) and the rose dimensions (the fixing plate of the handles and knobs). Handles tend to have smaller projections and roses, allowing for an easier installation. Knobs will tend to project further and sit on a larger fixing plate rose. This means that the knobs will require a larger/longer latch to accommodate the larger dimensions. What happens with knobs fitted with a small latch is that the rose might overhang on the lip of the door, and you'll end up catching your hand on the frame of the door when opening.

So please, be careful when choosing latch sizes when choosing door furniture, whether for new or existing doors. If you require any help please let us know. Associated latches are always linked to the lever door furniture on the sight taking away trawling through the list of latches on our site trying to find the right one.