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Here you will find our range of screws, nails and spare parts for those moments when you can't find that one part or you discover something has broken. Also here are maintenance products and miscellaneous products. Sometimes you find when you're installing your door furniture that one of your screws or nails has gone missing. Also, despite the high quality and durability of the products we provide, sometimes parts can break. If you need any replacement parts such as spindles or spring unit cassettes, look no further than Handles4U. Our screws come in sets of 4 or more so you can be sure you have some spares in case you lose any of the spares.

Here you will also find products to help with door furniture maintenance such as wax to ensure a long-lasting finish on your door handles, in addition to an array of miscellaneous products like grilles, door stops, hooks and handrail brackets. All products here are from leading manufacturers like From the Anvil, Kirkpatrick and Carlisle Brass.

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